The Best Winter Bedding Plants

Winter bedding plants are mostly perennials or biennials that are planted during the late autumn. he plants are plants in hanging baskets, flower beds, borders, or containers for a colourful and decorative look of your house. Here, is a list of the best winter bedding plants that every home must plant in their garden.

1. Violas

Violas are plants that produce a dainty of colourful flowers on a neatly arranged setting for an attractive display. There are specifically two varieties of violas - Allspice and Sweeties. The flowers have a sweet fragrance and look the best when hung inside a winter basket.

2. Polyanthus

These are small bright and compact coloured flowers that are produced on a short, but comparatively sturdy stems. They look the best when planted on the borders, flower beds, window boxes, or containers. The most scented mix of the Polyanthus offers a fragrant display to your home.

3. Pansies

Pansies are slightly smaller in size than the violas, but considered as one of the best winter bedding plants. It blooms from autumn, through to the spring. These flowers are best displayed on beds, containers, borders, hanging baskets and window boxes. You can select from a variety of colour, or just purchase a mix of them to welcome the winter with a colourful splash. Position the flowers in a partially shaded or sunny area and cut down the dead-head regularly for continuous flowering.

4. Primrose

Primrose, is a type of modern breeding of plants, that offers you with a plethora of colours to choose from. These flowers start blooming from mid-winter and are best displayed on window boxes, containers, beds, borders. The flowers add a colourful effect to your garden on a lazy winter day.

5. Stock

Stock bedding plants are neatly arranged biennials that produce strong and ruffled fragrant flowers starting from the mid-spring through the mid-summers. The flower burst into colours in a warmer weather and are best displayed at borders, on the patio, containers, and beds. You can simply cut the flowers from the stem and arrange it in your house for a fragrant welcome.

6. Wallflower

If you're interested in cottage flowering, then the wallflower is the best option. These plants are mostly planted during the autumn for the bloom to remain throughout spring. The Wallflower 'Sugar Rush' is a new variant of the plant that flowers in the autumn as well. They adjust to poor soil conditions and look their best in beds, borders, containers, and window baskets. They dissipate a long-lasting, and strong fragrance.

7. Bellis

Bellis are pretty neat and compact in size, producing masses together in white, red, and pink colours. The Bellis Pomponette is one of the eye-catching variant because of its white flowers with pink coloured petal tips. They start blooming right through the springs to the winter and are best planted in beds, borders, window boxes, and containers.

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