Marie Bolton Provides Important Information on Rooftop Gardening for the Urban People

There are so many people who love gardening and like to stay surrounded by nature. But because of the shortage of soil area at their residences, they fail to create or design their desired type of gardens. But these garden lovers should not be disappointed as Marie Bolton suggests some important and functional notions, following which; people can have their beautifully designed rooftop gardens. Let’s go through these information in an explicit method.

Check the Terrace First

Before starting off with the process of gardening, one must check the condition of his terrace. Size and shape of the terrace, usability and access, these are the main areas which an owner must check before starting gardening. Size and pattern must be checked very importantly as they determine how the garden would be designed and arranged. If there is not adequate place at the roof or easy access of the owner can be denied because of crowded plants, then one must check expert advice to get alternate gardening ideas.

Start if the terrace is Strong Enough

Soil is naturally heavy element. When water gets added to it, the very element becomes heavier. If a roof or terrace is not strongly structured or fragile for being age old, then it is better not to keep a lot of plants and pots as unwanted situations and serious accidents can occur because of the reason. In this case, Marie Bolton suggests the home owners to rely on their small and sweet balconies to have the honor of being the garden area.

Choose Plant Containers Carefully

If a Sydney based family decides to arrange a rooftop garden at their home, then according to the condition of the terrace, they must choose the plant containers and the pots. As we already know that soil is heavy and becomes heavier after coming in contact with water, a home owner must carefully by the most light weight containers for planting. The light weight plant containers can be availed easily from market and online stores. Rooftop gardening experts can suggest custom made wooden containers for planting if they find it required.

Take the Windbreaks Seriously

As the roofs are the top part of any building, it is expected to be windy than the other parts of any property. This is why Marie Bolton strongly supports the installation of windbreaks at the roofs to maintain safety at its best.

Maintain Watering Properly

Watering is one of the pivotal parts of planting and gardening. Thus one must arrange adequate watering plans to water the rooftop based plants in a proper way. The watering equipment that comes with auto times can be installed so that the plants can get water even when the owner is not there.

Consult an Expert

According to Marie Bolton, to understand the weather condition and plant accordingly, a home owner must consult an expert gardener as it can bring better results than expected.