Learn about Homemade Fertilizers and Give Your Garden a Healthy and Organic Treatment

Marie Bolton always supports natural and organic ways of gardening as he believes that natural ingredients can bring great results when they get appropriately applied to the gardens. Apart from bringing nutrition to trees, the organic fertilizers never bring any harmful side effects to the plants or do not do any harm to the soil. This is the reason that many of the garden owners rely completely and only on homemade fertilizers which is neither costly nor tough to prepare. Let’s know about these fertilizers in a better way.

Use Banana Peels

We love to eat banana as it is a tasty fruit and provides us nutrition. But the peel of the very fruit is beneficial for the plants. This is why; many experts suggest using the banana peels as organic fertilizer and applying it to gardens. Simply burying the banana peels into the soil around plants can give an owner bigger and better flowers. Especially roses get superb results out of the peels. For vegetables also, banana peels are ideal as fertilizer.

Apply the Egg Shells

Almost every Sydney based family enjoys eggs at its breakfast. This is why, availing egg shells to prepare organic fertilizers for garden is not at all hard. The process of applying the same at garden is also very easy. One just needs to wash the shells and beak them into small chips. Once the chipping is done, they can be buried around the plant. And soon, better results can be found through the highly shaped and juicy fruits and bigger sized flowers.

Apply Cooked Water

Marie Bolton finds cooked water as a very result oriented organic fertilizer. Generally we boil so many kinds of vegetable while cooking meals and drain the boiled water. But according to experts, if one keeps the cooked water and if apply it to the garden once it gets cold, plants can be fertilized in a superb way.

Apply Aquarium Water

Many Sydney based homes have aquariums. While cleaning the aquarium, we drain out the old water and the fish waste along with them. But the fish waste and the old aquarium water can be used as great natural fertilizers which can provide very good results to the plants along with the whole of a garden. But make sure to use to apply only fresh water and never salt water.

Green Tea is Good

Marie Bolton suggests applying green tea to the plants once in a month. In two gallons of water, mixing I teabag of green tea will be enough to make the proper homemade fertilizer for gardening purposes.

Utilize Milk Powder

Milk powder is one of the components that we use in our daily lives. It is rich with calcium and it can be applied in the soil for providing the plants a great amount of calcium they need. And it is easily available as well.