Keep Your Garden Paste Free Maintaining Experts Tips Suggested by Marie Bolton

There are so many beautiful gardens which turn into unhealthy soil beds where the plants look weak and the soil becomes dreadful. This can happen due to the silent attack of pastes. Apart from hard and laborious paste repellant actions, to get rid of the disturbing pastes; Marie Bolton suggests a few actions which can be taken pretty easily. Let’s discuss these tips in a little explicit way.

Rely on Coffee Grounds

The coffee grounds are great as organic paste repellants. Coffee grounds are great as nitrogen providing component to the soil. Fortunately, most of the pastes are some kind of allergic to the scent of coffee ground and most of the plants are fond of the nitrogen that coffee grounds supply. So, in both ways it is an ideal element that one can use. According to Marie Bolton, every Sydney based family consume coffee thus availing coffee grounds and applying to their gardens will never be a tough task to perform.

Apply Tough Essence

Most of the pastes, no matter if it is small or big, do not like the strong scents. This is why; if we arrange to spray the strong scents around our gardens, it will keep the harmful pastes from entering the garden. In this regard we can use detergents, bar soaps and body sprays that have strong smell.

Apply Hot Pepper Mixture

Hot pepper is one of the most easily available ingredients which can be found in every household. Marie Bolton suggests the hot pepper as one of the functional paste repellant. Mixing 3 tablespoons of hot pepper flakes into a gallon of water can make a great solution which is highly resulting oriented when it comes to paste control.

Garlic Spray is Good

Garlic is one of those vegetables that’s scent is kind of intolerable for the insects and bugs. In a gallon of water, mix four cloves of garlic and leave it for night. The next day, spray the solution on the garden and the pastes will be gone. For even better results, pone can add small pieces of bar soaps to the solution and spray. Instead of soap flakes, one can use pieces of onions or chilies as well.

Use the Banana Peels

As Marie Bolton suggests the garden owners to follow everything organic, he suggests using the banana peels as a parte repellant. One can chop off the banana peels and bury them around the area where the plants are planted. This process will keep the harmful pastes away from the plants and the pants will definitely get good and natural nutrition out of the peels.

Use the Windbreak

Gardens that have major amount of vegetable plants can suffer from pastes and wind both. In this regard, the experts advice the garden owners, to use paste repellants and install windbreaks in the gardens.