Factors To Consider Before Starting Vegetable Gardening

With people becoming health conscious, the demand for vegetable gardening is increasing. This not only keeps you healthy, but also saves you money from getting it purchased from the vegetable vendor. The most important benefits of growing vegetable is that it is annual and can be re-planted throughout the year.

But, before you plan a vegetable garden at home, there are certain factors you need to think of. To know more, read on -

1. Bright light and ample sunshine

Vegetables love the sunshine. Most of them grow best within 6 to 8 hours of direct sunlight. Though leafy vegetables prefer a cooler region but vegetable like carrot, radish, onions, and tomatoes, like the sunlight and prefer growing areas with adequate sunlight.

2. Should be perfectly accessible

Your vegetable garden must be close to your kitchen and the source of water. Watering your vegetable garden is immensely important for healthy growth. Due to inadequate watering, many crops crack open and do not give enough yield as the roots start to rot. Designing the garden close to your kitchen will make you remember to water the plants and keep a check on the garden on a regular basis. t also lets you pick something fresh while you're cooking.

3. Fertile soil

Be it just flower gardening or vegetable gardening, soil plays a vital role in the healthy growth of the plants. Vegetables spend most of their time under the soil, thus, it is very important to be fertile. One of the best ways to ensure the fertility of your soil is to construct raised beds. This ensures not only soil fertility, but also good drainage, and better aeration. Moreover, it never gets run over or compacted. Thus, allowing the plants to grow healthily with a higher yield.

4. Do you want organic gardening or not?

Earlier organic gardening turned out to be difficult as less amount of organic fertilizers and products were available in the market. But, with time as the demand for organic products have increased, so has the availability of the perfect fertilizers for the plants. Moreover, organic gardening does not require much time to attend to. Since the soil itself has organic matter present in it, all you need to offer your plant adequate water, sunlight, and nutrients, hence resulting in faster growth.

5. Installing fences

Fencing is the ultimate factor to consider while planning a vegetable garden. You're not the only one fond of vegetable, there are animals who can barge into your garden and eat the vegetables your plants have yielded. Thus, protecting your garden is also an important step to take. It is best to install fence both above and below the gardening, to avoid unnecessary animal exploration into your fields.

Have you made up your mind, or still in some dilemma? Consult a local gardener and get answers to all your questions. Marie Bolton is a family-owned gardening business in Sydney.