Avoid These Common Gardening Mistakes

The quicker you identify your mistakes, faster you can improve them for the best results. Here, are a few common mistakes that every gardener makes at the beginning.

1. Preparing the flower beds inadequately

Gardening is an active task, showing utter laziness can lead to a big mistake. During planting the seeds, it is important to understand that seeds need space to grow and germinate. If not planted perfectly into the soil, the root of the young plants will not grow. The best way to avoid this mistake, is by double digging the garden beds and spread compost sufficiently to loosen the soil.

2. Overwatering the plants

When you're nurturing your own garden, it's important to study which plants need more water and which need less. The quicker you understand this, better results are guaranteed. Overwatering the plants means to kill them softly. At the time of germination, plants require ample water, but once it has started growing, you can consider watering them at regular intervals. Roots of plants do not like water as much as the seed does. If the air pockets in the soil are always filled with water, then the chances are that the root might drown and get damaged. Moreover, overwatering may also lead to dimnishing the growth of flowers, fruits or vegetables.

3. Planting in the wrong season

Most plants are seasonal, thus planting them in the wrong season is definitely a grave mistake. It is very important to know which plants grow in which season. Sort out for advice from a professional gardener. When plants are planted at the right time, you'll surely get the best out of them, do not expect more if you've planted them wrongly.

4. Spraying pesticides frequently

A gardener must understand that pesticides should only be sprayed when the plants are being attacked by some common pests, else not. Pesticides are harmful chemicals, thus spraying them on the wrong areas and wrong plants, will damage the nature of your plants. Only spray pesticide when necessary. Pesticide is a medicine and not a nutrient that the plants need regularly.

5. Planting too close to your house

Planting trees too close to your house might later turn out to be a threat for your safety. The tall trees apart from giving you shade, might shed leaves on your corridor, thus, result in constant dampness. Though you might think that regular pruning will keep it under control, but you're wrong. What about the roots spreading beneath the soil? have you ever thought about it! This weakens the foundation of your house, hence causing destruction.

6. Wrong planting position

Some plants require shade, some require light, whereas some other might require adequate air. You should know that the plant you're about to sow requires what weather condition in order for it to grow healthy and fit.

One of the best ways to avoid these mistakes from occurring is by seeking help from a local gardener. Contact Marie Bolton a family-owned gardening business in Sydney.