6 Tips To Prepare Your Garden For The Winter

Now that winter is around the corner, it is very important to keep it looking beautiful and green as in spring. But, to do so, you'll have to first prepare your garden for the season. Here, are a few tips that will help you -

1. Rake out the fallen leaves and make a leaf mould

It's autumn, and leaves are bound to fall from the trees. Gardening expert C.L. Fornari says, "dying leaves drift onto the ground and gives the earth food that helps the buds of spring, which is called the action of nature." So, instead of throwing them away, gather the dried leaves and make a heap. Then, in a plastic bin liner collect the leaves to let it decompose. Make sure that the liner has holes so that air passes through and reforms the leaves to mulch that can be later used for cultivating the soil.

2. Cut down the dying plants

Autumn is that time of the year when many plants die due to disease or some insect problem. I'm sure you do not want the garden soil to get diseased and infested by pests, so cut down the dying plants from the roots. Remember not to compost pile them. This keeps the soil healthy and lets you plant seedlings for the winter that can later flourish.

3. Spread adequate amount of compost all over the garden soil

Compost nurtures your garden soil. It is made of rotten leaves, straws, worms, food waste, manure, and many other nutritious things that strengthen the soil and make it fertile. Spread adequate amount of compost on your garden soil to prevent it from depleting.

4. Let the pretty plants stand longer!

Plants like sunflower, blackberry lily, coneflowers, and thistles beautify your garden. They look more attractive in the winter sun. These pretty plants are home for the butterflies to lay eggs and allow birds to nest. Why would anyone want such beautiful creatures of nature to get endangered? Make some space for them by providing them shelter during the winters.

5. Keep gardening tools well maintained

Winter is the time when you'll have to do most of your sowing and planting for the spring, and I'm sure you'd not want to invest on gardening tools once again! So better keep it in a top notch condition. Tools like your lawn mower, spade, spears, and secateurs should be well maintained for later use. Remember to oil the metal parts of the tools thoroughly to prevent rusting.

6. Start up with spring plantation

If you're interested in seeing your garden full of tulips, garlic, daffodils, hyacinths, and crocuses during the spring, then, the fall is the right time to get them planted. So, get started! Water the soil regularly to make it hard and avoid animal dig up.

Getting the job done by yourself is a very big achievement, but many time due to our busy schedule, we ignore some important aspects, so the best thing is to do is to hire a professional gardener to keep your garden looking beautiful as ever. Marie Bolton is a family owned business in Sydney, for any queries related gardening, or for a professional help, you can easily contact us.