6 Spring Flowering Bulbs That You Must Start Planting Now!

Spring bulbs have a great impact on your garden, it can either be grown on flower pots, garden beds, or just beneath the trees. Flowers that have an onion like structure and made of fleshy leaves, are spring flowering bulbs. Autumn is the right time for some of the spring bulbs to flower in the coming season. Here's a list of the flowering bulbs you might consider growing -

1. Daffodils

Daffodils are one of the most colorful and attractive flowering bulb of the springtime. The best time to plant these flowering bulbs is from end of March to early April. Since they require full to partial shade with adequate sunlight to blossom - autumn is the perfect time for its plantation. When planted in clumps and masses, these flowers look the best. You can either plant them in pots or drifts in the garden with good drainage system.

2. Freesias

Freesias are mostly a type of weed with a sweet fragrance. Plant them during the autumn, so that they can bloom during the late winter and early spring. These flowering bulbs require sufficient space and adequate sunlight to spread out their branches and bloom smoothly. After planting freesia bulbs remember to water the pot well.

3. Tulips

Tulips are my favourite, and I'm sure they're yours too. Right? Fill your garden space with beautiful tulips by planting them during the early winters. These flowers come in a myriad of flowers and need to refrigerated for three to four weeks before being planted. Plant them two times deeper into the soil for the tulips to grow 20 -30 cms in length. One stem has only one tulip growing, so purchase a bunch of them in different colours to beautify your garden.

4. Crocus

Crocus bloom best when planted in cool and moist soil of the winter months. You can plant them in semi-shaded pots, or under the trees for better drainage. The plant requires partial shade and mostly bloom during late winter to early spring.

5. Bluebells

Spanish bluebells are mostly grown here as it's more adjusted to heat. You can plant them in masses under the deciduous trees in a partially-shaded area. The flowers bloom in between the spring through the summer. For an amazing spring decoration in your garden, plant masses of bluebell & cm deep into the soil and 10 cm apart from one another.

6. Jonquils

Jonquils belong to the family of daffodils. They have a magical fragrance with the ability to tolerate different types of climate. Except the tropical regions, Jonquils widely grows in different parts of Australia.

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