5 Reasons That Raised beds Are The Best gardening Practice

Thinking to start gardening, but don't know how to start? If yes, then constructing raised beds will definitely prove to be beneficial. Over here, I'm going to discuss few reasons, that prove that raised beds are worth investing in -

Reason # 1

Plants require good air circulation to survive. You can either construct the raised beds the traditional way or just pile up a good amount of soil at a certain height support with a frame and apply compost. Along with other parts of the plant, the roots also need to aerate. Compact soil lead to suffocation of the roots, hence plants will not grow sufficiently. With ample air circulating to the roots, the plants absorb essential nutrients for its healthy growth. Good aeration also keeps the soil alive as the microorganisms survive and make the soil fertile.

Reason # 2

In areas with heavy rains, raised beds provide good drainage. This means that as the texture of the soil remains loose, water seeps into the beds, and drain off without disturbing the fertile topsoil. When watering the plants in the raised beds, the water easily reaches the lowest layer of the soil quickly without stagnating the soil. A plant requires about 25% moisture to grow adequately.

Reason # 3

Gardening on raised beds gives you better control over weeds. As compared to ground gardening, even if you dig double the time, you'll certainly find weed in the soil. In the case of raised beds, you are given the option to fill up the beds with compost and adequate soil that is free of weed, this production of weed can be brought under control. Since the soil is lose at this level, this makes it easier to pull off the fewer weeds that come up.

Reason # 4

If you've pets at home, raised beds will not prevent your dogs or cats to dig the ground soil or roll in the mud. Moreover, there will be lesser chance of you walking over the flowering bed. This helps you conduct gardening chores like weeding, fertilising, and harvesting easily without disturbing the other plants. Another benefit is that, at the time of floods, raised beds are not in danger of getting the soil compacted as they have the capacity to quickly drain off excess water without damaging the fertile soil.

Reason # 5

As compared to plants grown on the ground, raised beds offer a higher yield. Apart from the soil being aerate and root run, raised beds provide an intensive culture that contributes to a higher yield. Moreover, you can plant a variety of plants close enough without worrying that one would take over the other. The reason being the rich soil that can support more than one plant at a stretch.

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