5 Easy To Grow Herbs In The Indoors

Herbs not only add flavour to your meals, but also is one of the healthiest ways to continue a classy lifestyle. One of best things about herbs is that you can easily grow them indoors. All you need to have is a bright space, a sunny room with skylights, or a large sunny window. The location should also have adequate air circulation with a room temperature of 55 to 75 degrees.

Want to get started? Then here are some herbs that you can have a pick on -

1. Mint (Mentha Spp.)

One of the best herbs to grow indoors in your pot - Peppermint and Spearmint. Both these herbs grow as weeds and can easily overtake other herbs. Out of the two, growing peppermint is a better option as it can grow in a limited space and frequent harvesting. Plant the seed of peppermint in a pot full of fertile soil and put it under a shade. Make sure at least a bit of sunlight reaches the pot every day.

2. Chives (Allium schoenoprasum)

Chives come in different variants, namely - garlic chives, and Grolau chives. They can be easily potted from an established plant. All you need is a small sized pot half fill with soil and a bunch of chives from an adult chive plant including the roots. Moreover, to stimulate the growth of new plants, cut about one-third off the top. These herbs do not require much light, hence easy to grow.

3. Parsley (Petroselinum spp.)

Parsley is an Italian herb with a robust flavour, which when added to dishes like pasta, spaghetti, risotto, and pizza offer a refreshing aromatic flavour. Did you know you could actually grow the herbs indoor? Yeah, that's right! It germinates from a seed. It is a slow growing herb, but when grown as an adult, you can take sprigs from the center that keeps the parsley productive for months or more.

4. Oregano (Origanum vulgare ssp. hirtum)

Greek oregano is the most common type of herb grown indoors. It grows about 12 inches in the pot with authentic taste and flavour. Their daily requirement to grow is six to eight hours of sunlight daily. So, the best place to place an oregano pot is towards the southwestern sun exposure. Frequent harvesting of the leaves initiates new growth. Most important thing to remember is that oregano is productive up to 2 years, but when the plant gets woody, replace it with a new one.

5. Thyme (Thymus spp.)

The excellent culinary varieties of thyme - French and Lemon are another set f herbs that can be grown indoors. The most preferred of the two is the Lemon thyme that has a unique citrus-like flavour and can be used in place of regular thyme. Its growing conditions are similar to that of oregano. Since this variant of thyme is not available in the corner store frequently, thus growing lemon thyme indoors is very beneficial.

So, hurry up and start growing your favourite herb indoors. For professional advice, contact Marie Bolton, a family-owned business in Sydney.