10 Unknown Facts About Your Garden

But, there're still some unknown facts that very few people know about gardening. This article contains an assortment of some of the unknown gardening facts that will definitely surprise you. Ready for surprises? If yes, then read on -

Fact # 1

Plants respond to sounds! Surprised? The theory of plants behaving to human conversation dates back to 1848 with the book "Nanna" (Soul-life of plants), written by German professor Gustav Fechner. According to Rich Marini, head of the horticulture department of Penn State's University, plants grow readily through wind or vibration. Since sound is a form of vibration, thus, it causes a positive response.

Fact # 2

Surprising, but true! A sunflower is not just a single flower. How is it? The fuzzy brown section at the centre of the flower and the beautiful yellow petals are actually made of 1000 to 2000 of flowers all stacked together in one stalk.

Fact # 3

A teaspoon of soil contains millions and millions of microorganisms as compared to the total population of the earth! Microbes help in nurturing the soil and make it fertile, thus sustaining life in the soil gives your plants the correct amount of nutrients required to grow.

Fact # 4

Baking soda is a useful nutrient for vegetable gardening, especially tomatoes. If you want your tomatoes to be sweet, then sprinkling a little amount of baking soda regularly on the plant's soil helps reduce acidity or sourness of the tomatoes and sweetens its taste.

Fact # 5

Butterflies are not attracted towards the flowers in your garden, but rather the nectar and fragrance. A study conducted by the Smithsonian Institute, in Washington D.C., states that when new cultivars of popular flowers were bred for enhanced colour and size, it lost its fragrance as a result of butterfly hosting.

Fact # 6

Strenuous gardening can actually help an average woman to shed around 300 calories, within an hour.

Fact # 7

The soil's pH level affects the colour of your hydrangea. Want to know how? Here's the answer - alkaline soil produces pink coloured blooms while the high amount of acidity in the soil results in blue coloured blooms. Organic matter like eggshells and coffee grounds are acidic in nature, So, when they are added to the soil, it manipulates the soil's pH level, thus changing the colour of your blooms to blue.

Fact # 8

Combining varieties of orchids together creates a heavenly smelling garden. George Hatfield, president of the Santa Barbara Orchid show, once said that Sharry Baby, an oncidium hybrid smelt like chocolates. Moreover, vanilla beans come from an orchid varietal. Did you know this!

Fact # 9

An average garden can trap and absorb about 6000 gallons of rainwater. Amazing, isn't it?

Fact # 10

The length of the world's longest garden spade is 3.90 m and around 90 of them have been made till date.

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